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“The Doctors” Debate: Vaccinations

As an outlet that has a great impact on our views, it is important to look at how the media portrays the arguments associated with vaccinations. The daytime show “The Doctors” features a medical professional panel discussing health, medicine, and … Continue reading

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Vaccines Are No Joke

While this comic might be a little extreme, it is a harsh reality. While our country and other modernized countries are in disagreement of required immunizations, other third world countries are envious. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, “More … Continue reading

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Vaccination: the hidden truth

Here is a video that gives quite a bit of basic information regarding vaccinations.  It does not blatantly outright say to not get your children vaccinated but it certainly gives a compelling argument as to why you should not.  Interesting … Continue reading

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Your Child’s Voice: Get Their Vaccinations On Time!

Babies cannot tell you that it is time to get a vaccine. It is a parent’s responsibility to stay up to date with the vaccines that they need and at what time that they need them.  You can create a … Continue reading

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Doubting the Safety of Vaccinations: How safe are they?

 We support the necessity and mandatory laws of children getting their vaccinations, but there are many arguments out there that argue against the necessity of children’s vaccinations. One of the main arguments is that parents doubt how safe these vaccinations … Continue reading

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Why Do Children Need Vaccinations?

It is critical for children to receive core vaccinations to protect them from contracting the likes of measles, mumps and whooping cough, among other illnesses. However, not all parents agree. Health officials in Massachusetts are just one demographic concerned that … Continue reading

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Blog Topic: Vaccines for Children

We believe that vaccinations are safe and effective in preventing disease in children. Not only do vaccinations prevent the child from developing a potential life-threatening disease, but they also prevent that child from spreading disease to friends and family members. … Continue reading

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