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Summing Up – All Children Deserve Vaccinations

In summary, it is imperative that parents allow their children to receive vaccinations. There are many studies that show vaccines to be effective in preventing dangerous diseases that could otherwise be deadly for children, and we have discussed this at … Continue reading

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Many people, who are against vaccinations, argue that vaccines have dangerous ingredients in them. Personally, I see where they are coming from. I try to be as natural as I can with what I consume. But actually, after doing the … Continue reading

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Thimerosal Extracted from Childhood Vaccinations

In the early 20th century, there were a lot of cases of children developing deadly bacterial infections once they received all of their vaccinations. Due to this outbreak, preservatives were added to vaccinations contained in multi-dose vials since the 1930’s, … Continue reading

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California Takes Action

  Check out this article, which provides some information on a recent law passed in California. According to the article, if a parent wishes to exempt their child from school vaccinations, all they are required to do is sign a card, … Continue reading

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Pre-vaccine era vs post-vaccine era

The following chart gives a quick and easy synopsis of the effectiveness of vaccines.  On the left it shows the pre-vaccine era vs the right shows most recent reports of cases in the US. The bottom line?  Vaccines work.   

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Emergency Import of Meningitis Vaccine

At Princeton University an outbreak of Meningitis B occurred among the students, causing Bexsero, a vaccine licensed in only Australia and Europe, to be approved by the FDA and CDC and to be imported to the U.S. It is now recommended that the … Continue reading

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The Fact: Deadly Diseases are Making a Comeback

Just one person with a contagious deadly disease can infect many others. One woman in this video said vaccinating her child “just didn’t make sense” to her. The facts make sense to us: In Maryland alone, cases of whooping cough … Continue reading

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