Summing Up – All Children Deserve Vaccinations

In summary, it is imperative that parents allow their children to receive vaccinations. There are many studies that show vaccines to be effective in preventing dangerous diseases that could otherwise be deadly for children, and we have discussed this at length in our blog posts.

Currently, there are no federal regulations in place regarding vaccines, but these regulations are instead determined on a state-to-state basis. This means that because state laws vary, some children may not be required to receive important vaccines. We argue that it is necessary for the federal government to put regulations in place regarding child vaccinations. There should also be strict federal regulations regarding exemptions. We do not think that parents should be able to exempt their children for religious or philosophical reasons, but rather only medical reasons, such as allergies or medical conditions, if they exist.


After reading our blog, it is clear to see that our main affirmative arguments focus on the reasons it is important for children to receive these vaccinations. The arguments include, the dangers of chickenpox for unvaccinated children, the danger unvaccinated children pose to others and the fact that thimerosal, one of the controversial vaccine ingredients, has been removed from all but the flu vaccine. These are only four of many more arguments that reiterate the point that children need vaccinations. 

This is an important issue because surveys show that fewer parents are vaccinating their children; this is resulting in certain diseases, such as the measles, are returning again in larger numbers than ever before. This, to us, is a negative trend and we believe it is the federal government’s civic duty to step in to protect children whose parents are neglecting to allow them to receive vaccines. Not only do we need to protect these children, but also others in our communities, who may be susceptible to a child who has contracted a contagious and harmful disease.


We hope this blog has inspired others to speak out for vaccines for children and educate themselves further. This is an issue that is very important and prevalent in today’s society, and it is not something that is going to disappear. We encourage parents and people in society to really do their research when it comes to learning about vaccinations. Getting information from the internet alone is not always the best option, so we encourage parents to consult their children’s doctors to become better informed about the benefits of vaccinations.

We thought it was very interesting that there are many arguments against vaccinations when there is significant evidence that proves vaccinations are safe. We learned that a lot of these arguments stem from the media, celebrities (like Jenny McCarthy), and false medical studies that are against vaccinations.  This results in people believing in false facts about vaccines. At times this posed as a challenge because many sources were biased and misinformed with little scientific or professional support.

Furthermore, we also thought it was interesting that vaccinations have become one of the greatest medical advancements in the 20th century, almost eradicating certain diseases that were so prevalent in past society. We think that one of the biggest takeaways from this assignment, particularly to our topic of childhood vaccinations, is that you should always conduct adequate research and know the different sides to an argument before you form an opinion about something.

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