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Emergency Import of Meningitis Vaccine

At Princeton University an outbreak of Meningitis B occurred among the students, causing Bexsero, a vaccine licensed in only Australia and Europe, to be approved by the FDA and CDC and to be imported to the U.S. It is now recommended that the … Continue reading

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Why Families Should Receive the Flu Vaccine.

It is time to get your flu shot. Flu season is considered as starting in October and ending in May. The flu vaccine does not cause the flu, as many people seem to think. The flu can make a person … Continue reading

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The Link Between Chickenpox And Stroke In Children

Chickenpox is one of the most common diseases that children face yet it is preventable with the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine. In the United States it was found that one child dies every week from the chickenpox. Chickenpox symptoms are highly … Continue reading

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Your Child’s Voice: Get Their Vaccinations On Time!

Babies cannot tell you that it is time to get a vaccine. It is a parent’s responsibility to stay up to date with the vaccines that they need and at what time that they need them.  You can create a … Continue reading

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Blog Topic: Vaccines for Children

We believe that vaccinations are safe and effective in preventing disease in children. Not only do vaccinations prevent the child from developing a potential life-threatening disease, but they also prevent that child from spreading disease to friends and family members. … Continue reading

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