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Thimerosal Extracted from Childhood Vaccinations

In the early 20th century, there were a lot of cases of children developing deadly bacterial infections once they received all of their vaccinations. Due to this outbreak, preservatives were added to vaccinations contained in multi-dose vials since the 1930’s, … Continue reading

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We’re seeing a Decrease in the Amount of Children getting Vaccinated

This is a news segment from New Mexico that explains how a good amount of children in public schools aren’t getting vaccinated. In a short time span, the amount of children not getting their vaccines rose 300%! They blame it … Continue reading

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Vaccines in Memes

This humorous meme is supposed to poke fun at the parents who might be worried when they get their children vaccinated and then hear all of the horror stories about these children developing sicknesses. We support vaccinations because they prevent … Continue reading

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Doubting the Safety of Vaccinations: How safe are they?

 We support the necessity and mandatory laws of children getting their vaccinations, but there are many arguments out there that argue against the necessity of children’s vaccinations. One of the main arguments is that parents doubt how safe these vaccinations … Continue reading

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