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The Fact: Deadly Diseases are Making a Comeback

Just one person with a contagious deadly disease can infect many others. One woman in this video said vaccinating her child “just didn’t make sense” to her. The facts make sense to us: In Maryland alone, cases of whooping cough … Continue reading

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We’re seeing a Decrease in the Amount of Children getting Vaccinated

This is a news segment from New Mexico that explains how a good amount of children in public schools aren’t getting vaccinated. In a short time span, the amount of children not getting their vaccines rose 300%! They blame it … Continue reading

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Why Do Children Need Vaccinations?

It is critical for children to receive core vaccinations to protect them from contracting the likes of measles, mumps and whooping cough, among other illnesses. However, not all parents agree. Health officials in Massachusetts are just one demographic concerned that … Continue reading

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Blog Topic: Vaccines for Children

We believe that vaccinations are safe and effective in preventing disease in children. Not only do vaccinations prevent the child from developing a potential life-threatening disease, but they also prevent that child from spreading disease to friends and family members. … Continue reading

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